Who is a civil servant, will surely find several available lines of credit developed especially for your profile. However, none will be as quick and uncomplicated as Parson Adams’s civil servant loan.



Each line of credit exists for a purpose and has different rules. In the case of the Parson Adams civil servant loan , government officials have the chance to have access to a service that makes money available to your account quickly to pay for various expenses.

There are a few moments that there is a delay in the payment of the salaries of public servants who end up harming the cash flow for payment of the monthly bills, in these cases, requesting a personal loan for a civil servant can solve this financial problem.

The Parson Adams online loan is heavily used for financial emergencies, with smaller amounts and payment deadlines, reducing bureaucracy in the hiring process to make life easier for the public servant.

Among the benefits of the Parson Adams civil servant loan are :

  • Flexibility: there is a type of credit in which it is necessary to inform the destination of the money to be approved. In the case of the Parson Adams personal loan, the civil servant can use the amount according to his goals – in addition, no guarantee is required;
  • Cash on hand: This loan mode allows the server to have a fast loan. The whole process of analysis happens quickly, in a few hours you can have the money in your account if the application is approved;
  • Variable timeframes : You can adjust the amount and term for payment according to your needs. At Parson Adams, we offer loans ranging from $ 200 to $ 3000, with terms ranging from 3 to 12 months;
  • Totally online: the whole process of simulating, ordering and sending documents is done online, meaning you do not have to leave the house or face queues in order to have access to the extra money in your account.



To request a loan for a civil servant , the server must be an active CPF and enter the data of an account in its name. This information will only be used as a view, without Parson Adams having any authorization to make transactions on your behalf.

After completing the initial analysis form, you will receive a response in a matter of minutes that can be positive, negative or need to validate registered data.

In the latter case, we will contact you to validate the data to verify the veracity of the registered data. For those who are approved, the amount approved will be deposited in your bank account registered within a few hours.

During the registration, you will be requested the data of some documents or personal information:

  • Personal data;
  • Monthly income data
  • Address
  • Bank details (for credit and security analysis only);

All information must be true and in its own name.


We, at Parson Adams, offer personal loans to make the financing market simpler, more transparent and affordable. With fully online and secure services, we seek to establish a relationship of mutual trust with our public. We analyze all the information with discretion and according to our credit model to ensure that we will provide the best for each case, without wasting time and ensuring total security of your data. Do your simulation with us right now and ask for your loan!